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Corn Syrup is Something Sweet

During my wolf down your food in 5 minutes or less lunch break at work yesterday, I called Chris to ask if I’d left my blackberry at home. Turns out that I did, but then we had the following conversation…

Chris – “I left something sweet in your car.”
Me – “You put something in my car? At work?”
Chris – “Yep.”
Me – “That’s so sweet! What is it?”
Chris – “Corn syrup.”
Me – “…”
Chris – “You there?”
Me – “Um, yes, I’m still here. Did you just say you put corn syrup in my car?”
Chris – “Yeah!”
Me – “Really? Why?”
Chris – “Well, you said yesterday that you were going to make me Derby pie, but that you didn’t have any corn syrup, so I bought some and left it in your car so that you could make the pie tonight before I got home.”
Me – “Okay then!” (laughter) “Thanks, I guess!”
Chris – “You’re welcome!”
And that, dear readers, is how my husband’s mind works!
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13 thoughts on “Corn Syrup is Something Sweet

  1. That's so funny! I just read this to Matt and we were both saying how we can actually see Chris saying this!

  2. That is hilarious and so stinkin' cute!! How funny that he put it in your car! Love it 🙂 It must be some good pie!!

  3. Hi,

    Came across your blog randomly and thought I'd say "hello". The convo with your husband is super cute. I'm off to click your link to discover just what Derby Pie is. Looking forward to reading more!

  4. That is absolutely hilarious!!! Now I need to go make that pie. Poo, thanks for making me crave it 🙂 Yummmm…

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