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Countdown to St. Thomas

Only 75 more looong days till Chris and I travel to St. Thomas in January!  I can’t wait!!!  We’ll be staying at  Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove resort for a total of 8 days.  To keep me inspired, I’ve posted a few pictures of the area and resort where we’ll be staying…

View of the hotel and resort
View of Charlotte Amalie Harbor
View of the resort’s beach
The resort at night

And for this year’s Spring Break, my MIL is trying to convince us (and my FIL) to take a trip to our honeymoon spot in Marbella, Spain.  I really, really doubt that we’ll be doing that this year, but it’s nice to think about!

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3 thoughts on “Countdown to St. Thomas

  1. I just stumbled across your blog! LOVE IT!

    I love the Virgin Islands…if you get the opportunity, take the ferry over to St. John…I have been numerous times and it is my favorite place on the entire planet. The beaches and snorkling are AMAZING. I am SO jealous of you right now.

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