Cracking up in Church

Have you ever gotten a horrible case of the giggles in the most inappropriate setting? That happened to me and Chris this Sunday while sitting in church…

To begin, I should tell you that this church is “old”, both in terms of the building (built in the 1800s) and in terms of the congregation’s average age. There is, however, one little 3 year old boy that comes faithfully with his mom, sitting in the very front row each Sunday. Lets face it – it’s pretty hard for a little kid to sit still for long periods of time, so by the end of the sermon this boy is usually wandering around the row, lying on the floor, tossing his shoes up in the air, or peering over the back of the pew, staring at the people behind him and trying to get a reaction out of them. His mom does a pretty good job of shushing him, but she doesn’t always catch it. Case in point – this Sunday:

I’ll spare you the sermon, but the pastor was nearing the end and had gotten to the “inspirational” climax, when you could just see that the little boy had enough of being still. At the same moment that the pastor was talking about how we must “rise up” and “encourage”, this kid stands up on the pew seat, looks at the pastor, and goes “blehhh!” The sanctuary was absolutely quiet, and after about 2 seconds, Chris just starts snorting, trying desperately not to laugh. This, of course, sets me off and I start giggling, which makes Chris laugh even harder! We are both trying to get control and I am furiously trying to find some somber verse in the Bible to make me stop laughing, but it took a couple of moments before we quieted down. The worst part? NO ONE ELSE was laughing!!! How embarrassing!

For the rest of the sermon, I couldn’t even look at Chris without starting to get the giggles. As soon as church was over (about 10 minutes later), we zoomed out of there, hit the parking lot, and just started busting out laughing! I guess you’d have to be there to fully appreciate it, but it was truly hilarious!

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