Crying Babies on the Bus

Sometimes, babies cry.  If you use public transport, you have to expect that people will bring their children on-board.  I take Joe on the bus with me, and I’m sure that at some point, he’ll burst into tears mid-route.  I can only hope that when it does happen, the bus driver won’t treat me the same way as this poor mom in Portland, Oregon was treated:

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I thought it was interesting that all of the other passengers on the bus left in protest.  I think it shows that most people understand that crying babies are a part of life, and kicking a mom and her child off the bus because of it is unacceptable.

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6 thoughts on “Crying Babies on the Bus

  1. I have had more than one bus ride where my kid was crying. One in particular stands out in memory. Callum was beside himself and I couldn’t figure out why, I couldn’t walk because it was too far and I had both him and Lily and only a single stroller. Not to mention it was raining and cold. Good grief. Glad I didn’t get kicked off the bus! I feel bad for that poor mom.

  2. I’m not sure if you have twitter, but Angie Smith had mentioned on it just a few days ago that they were on a plan and a lady that was with her had a baby. The guy in front of them was throwing a fit that they had a baby on the plane. The stupid thing was that he has kids!

  3. We flew with my daughter when she was 4 months old. She’d had a tummy bug, and was so cranky. She cried for most of a flight. Lol, I’m really glad they didn’t kick us off that one.:)

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