Days of Injuries: When Growing Up is Hard

I remember one of the first times that Joe, newly walking, really bonked his head.  I was telling my mother about it and she said, “Some days, growing up is really hard.”  Boy, is that true.  Joe has done some hard growing up over the last 72 hours, and has the bruises to prove it.


This lovely goose-egg looks better in the photo than it does in real life.  That injury was courtesy of falling forehead-first into a protruding corner in our building’s hallway.  Chris brought him into the apartment and was sheepishly smiling while Joe was sobbing… I took one look at Joe and made a horrified face, scooping him up while simultaneously reaching for a bag of frozen peas.

“What’s wrong?  He just bumped his head.” said Chris.

“Did you see his forehead?!” I asked him, then lifted the bag of frozen peas off of it, revealing the already purple knot that was swelling dead-center.

“Oh my goodness!  How did that happen?!” yelled Chris.

It happened how all of his bumps, bruises, scrapes, and near-misses have happened lately: c-u-r-i-o-s-i-t-y and running full-tilt-boogie into the wild blue yonder.

Over the last 72 hours, in addition to the bump on his head, Joe has

  • Pinched his fingers in a puzzle, of all things, making them bleed
  • Run into the corner of the open dishwasher door while I was loading it, hitting it with his gums… making them bleed
  • Flipped himself backwards over the armrest of the couch, landing on his head
  • Fallen off the toilet, banging his head on the sink, all with me standing right in front of him (and thankfully catching him before he hit the floor)
  • Fallen off a bench seat in front of an old arcade game that he was “playing” with Chris, nearly landing on his head had Chris not grabbed him by the seat of his pants
  • Spilled a nearly full pot of lukewarm coffee that was juuust within his reach (serving as a reminder to Chris that nothing can be left even remotely within Joe’s reach, as Joe will find a way to get to it – climb drawers, use toys as stepping stools, etc.). That one really scared me.
  • Stood on top of a puzzle board with his fingers underneath it, crunching them in the process and then falling over sideways and headfirst into the wall.  Who knew puzzles could be so dangerous?!
  • Taken off running across the kitchen floor, stepping onto a toy cell phone and sliding into the splits position.
  • Taken off running in the park, gotten to where he was going so fast that his head had more momentum than the rest of him, then falling headfirst into the gravel and flipping onto his back.  Thankfully he was wearing a hat and this minimized most of the injuries to his forehead.
  • Flipped over and landed on his back while swinging himself “Superman Style” on the swings (where he lays on his tummy and pushes himself with his legs, stretching his arms out and “flying”)

Are all 21 month olds this rambunctious and injury prone?!  It’s gotten to the point where I want to pick him up and say, “Would you please stop hurting yourself?”  That, or surround him with bubble wrap and cotton fluff.

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4 thoughts on “Days of Injuries: When Growing Up is Hard

  1. Ah! You’re making me nervous! 🙂 Alex is at the stage where his brain thinks he can walk, but his body physically can’t do it. So, he just lets go of whatever he is holding onto and tries to “walk” to me and then promptly falls into a heap on the ground. I think I may need to buy him a helmet just to wear around the house… It is amazing how resilient they are though.

  2. Sadie isn’t nearly as bad yet, but in the same week, she cut her chin on the TV console, and then the other day, slammed her face down on an open drawer, cutting the inside of her lip on her bottom teeth. Fun fun!

  3. Also, probably the funniest thing Jon did was try to “bath” our cat Zak by putting him in the toilet and then proceeding to dry him off by putting poor Zak in the dryer and turning it on! Fortunately Zak wasn’t in there too long and amazingly he still loved Jon.

  4. Ha oh man reading about Joe’s battle scars reminds me of Jonathan’s – he was definitely mischievous and adventurous and one time mum walked into the kitchen and found he had put a chair up by the stove and turned every one of the elements on (and back then it was no ceramic top, it was the old style stoves where you could touch the element). Mum told him to stop and thankfully he froze and mum was able to get him down in time without him burning himself!

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