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Did I Marry a Good-Looking Guy or What?

My handsome hubby, Chris, modeling the Baby Bjorn “Air” Carrier that I got on eBay {for $11.00 – oh, yeah!}.  To say that he was reluctant to put this thing on (let alone pose for pictures) is an understatement!

A little blurry, but I can’t help it – he makes me laugh and I can’t hold the camera steady!

Chris has been the picture of long-suffering when it comes to putting up with all of my baby babbling {going on and on about cloth diapers, car-seat safety ratings, this stroller vs. that stroller, and so on and so forth}.  He has good-naturedly put together picture frames, helped me move furniture, and yes, occasionally models baby gear.  Smart guy, and incredibly good-looking, though I say it myself.  I must admit – there’s nothing quite so attractive as a man who’s confident enough to wear a baby carrier 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Did I Marry a Good-Looking Guy or What?

  1. He will come to appreciate it when the baby is here, much easier on the arms 🙂 I love seeing dads carry their babies in the carriers, but my husband says he’s not so sure about it!

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