Dinner for Two

The other night, I got a bit of a surprise when I found that Chris had arrived home ahead of me.  I typically leave the house before he does and get home before him, so I wasn’t expecting him for another 2 hours or so.

I was even more surprised to see that he had several packages on the kitchen counters, as well as some pots & pans on the stove.  Turns out, he had decided to surprise me by cooking a romantic, gourmet dinner for two!  He had stopped at the local seafood place, “Fresh Catch”, and picked up scallops, blackening seasoning, pre-made crab cakes, and lemons to make a fabulous seafood dinner.  Isn’t that so sweet?!  He said that he knew I’d been working hard lately, and he wanted to let me know he appreciated it.  Rather than getting me flowers, which is what he usually does, he decided that I might enjoy a homemade dinner.  He was right!

First, he started by blackening the scallops.  He used cajun blackening seasoning, and it smelled sooo good!

Don’t they look yummy?  Here is the happy chef (can you tell he was starting to get slightly irritated with me for “invading” his cook-space?)

Here is the table setting.  I think that he did a pretty good job, even if the tablecloth is a bit wrinkly 🙂
And, the finished product:
The scallops were done to perfection, and the crab cakes were good, too (though not quite as good as Barbara Jean’s, but then, what crab cakes are?!).  We finished it off with a great glass of dessert wine that we had bought in Salem, MA during the “Haunted Happenings” weekend.  It was a wonderful surprise and tasted absolutely delicious.  Thank you, sweetie!
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2 thoughts on “Dinner for Two

  1. How sweet! I love when my hubby cooks for me. He, too, gets a bit irritated when I invade his cooking space 🙂

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