I have been able to make nicer meals these last few weeks, now that my schedule is not so crazy. Chris & Bear have both appreciated this – Chris, because he gets to eat tasty meals, and Bear, because he gets to eat tasty leftovers.

So yesterday I tried something new – Slow Cooked Beef Roast with Veggies. It was a creation that I came up with (with some help from my mother). I bought 3 lbs of lean beef round roast and used all of the veggies we had around the house (carrots, onion & potatoes). I chopped up the veggies, put them in the bottom of my slow-cooker (a wedding present that is well worth getting). I added 1 C of water, the beef roast, and splashed some Worcestershire sauce over the top. Then I let it cook on low for 9 hours. This is great, because I leave for class at 7:00am on Tuesdays and when I get home I don’t always feel like cooking. Between the 2 of us, that meal should spread out as leftovers for a few days (of course, at the rate Chris ate last night it may be gone by tomorrow morning).

I also tried a new recipe – Rice Pudding. The pudding was really good, but I have learned that rice pudding doesn’t store very well. We each had some for dessert & agreed that it was great, but within about an hour the remainder had turned into a goopy, gelatinous mass. Gross. So I gave a little bit of it to Bear & flushed the remainder down the garbage disposal. Poor pudding!

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  1. *drool* This blog entry could be ruled ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ to poor, home-cooked-meal-deprived college students! 😉

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