Don’t You Hate it When…

Don’t you hate it when you’re making lunch at work, and it’s one of those frozen dinners with the peel-back plastic top, and as you’re taking it out of the microwave some steam burns your finger and you drop the container and pasta sauce goes everywhere? And I do mean everywhere – arms, legs, face, stomach, hair, refrigerator, cabinets, wall… Yeah, that was my lunch today 🙁
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5 thoughts on “Don’t You Hate it When…

  1. aw poooooooor girl!!! 🙁 i cook these little steamer veggie packs in the microwave and sometime they start spinning in circles.. i’m always afraid i’m going to be the girl that has her food explode in the microwave… hasn’t happened yet though, fingers crossed!

  2. Oh dear! Well, I am sure you look pretty in whatever you eat! That is what my dad always told me as a child (apparently I spilled, A LOT). I think it still applies today, don’t you!? Xoxo-BLC

  3. YES! That is the worst. Because very likely you only had time for the frozen lunch and now it’s ruined. So sorry that happened today. 🙁

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