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I’m currently sitting on the couch of our hotel in Dunedin waaaay down in the South Island of New Zealand.

Ah, Dunedin – the Edinburgh of Australasia.

Yes, I said Edinburgh.  As in Edinburgh, Scotland.  As in nowhere near New Zealand.  I’ll spare you the super long history lesson, but the name Dunedin is actually inspired by the Scots Gaelic name for Edinburgh: Dùn Èideann.  Dunedin and Edinburgh apparently look a lot alike.  I wouldn’t know for sure, but hopefully I’ll be able to confirm that by the end of this October, once we take our trip to the UK.

So, yes – I’m in Dunedin, and very thankful to be here.  We’d been planning this trip for awhile, and then Joe got sick last Friday.  It’s so hard to tell with kids, isn’t it?  We thought that he was doing better but then he had a relapse.  Last night I said, “No way!” and Chris even went so far as to call the airlines.  They told us that we couldn’t cancel or get a credit – all they could offer us was a change in ticket dates, but it would cost $75 and we had to make a decision within the next 20 minutes. My brain was already on overload because of Joe being sick, and I felt like we were being asked to randomly pick dates out of a hat.  We couldn’t decide in that kind of time-frame, and so ended up holding on to the tickets (Chris had to come to Dunedin regardless) and decided to wait and see.  I said that if Joe went 24 hours, sickness free, then we would go.  That meant no throwing up, no diarrhoea, no fever.

It was touch and go, but we eventually went.  Here’s a picture of Joe riding the airport shuttle from our apartment.

We waited till the last possible minute to wake him from his afternoon nap, and then dashed out the door.  He wasn’t too keen on being woken up, but he traveled like a champ.  He dozed for the majority of the flight with a few tears, but I can handle that.  The only bad thing was that Joe had the worst case of gas that I’ve ever smelled. It was so bad that even my nurse’s nose was seriously twitching, and the poor 20-something man sitting in the row next to us actually got up and moved.  You can always count on your kids to embarrass you, right?

Joe has continued to show no further signs of illness, something we’d been praying for and that will hopefully continue.  Chris will be busy with work the majority of tomorrow, so Joe and I are planning to go out exploring this lovely, lovely town.  One small hiccup: Chris left the stroller at the airport.  We had a pick-up arranged by the university.  Chris and the driver picked up the luggage while I entertained Joe, then got him into the car seat.  It wasn’t till we were at the hotel and somewhat settled that I realized something was missing.  Chris has called the airline, but they don’t open their lost luggage counter till 10am tomorrow :-/  We’ll see what happens!

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8 thoughts on “Dunners

  1. That face is killing me. He looks like a grumpy little old man puppet – in a good way 😉

    Enjoy the South Island – I am lapping up the posts 😉

  2. Oh my, that face! Priceless! It’s 6:50am and I just busted out a great smile/laugh probably waking the sleeping cats and Kev. That face is the classic “that face” when on vacation after one too many photo ops, but clearly Joe is just starting out on vacation so to me it’s even funnier, it’s like he has no idea how fun vacations can be 😛 Too sweet! Hope he’s on the mend now, poor baby no fun being sick.

    And yay, you made it to the South Island!! Looking forward to your recap, as I’ve never been that way. Enjoy, and stay warm!

  3. Awww… I hope Joe rallys quickly & completely. And I sure hope the airport finds your stroller! Enjoy your mini-vacation!

  4. oh wow forgot you were heading to Dunedin this week! glad Joe is on the mend. Enjoy exploring good ol’ Dunners 🙂

    P.S. my parents used to live at the bottom of Baldwin Street, you should walk up it 🙂

  5. We just moved next to Dunedin, Florida! So I am up to date with the history lesson and I love how when you Google Dunedin you get beach scenes there are very different. Either rocky coasts or sandy beaches. Either way, they both have a Scottish flair! ENJOY!

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