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Eight Years

It seemed as though something like an 8th wedding anniversary was a long ways away back when we got married in 2004.  And now it’s here – 8 wonderful years have flown by in such a short time, and I’m already looking forward to the next 18 years… the next 25 years… and so on and so forth ad infinitum.

It almost goes without saying that there have been ups and downs.  What marriage doesn’t have those?  Mostly, marriage is marked by a lot of “regular” times – just living your lives together.  But what a precious thing – to be able to live with someone and love them and get to know them better than anyone else.  And for them to know you better than anyone else, sometimes even better than you know yourself.

I’m grateful, grateful, grateful for the opportunity to spend my life with such a wonderful man.  I look back now and see how he was the perfect choice for me in ways that I didn’t even realize back when we were dating and engaged and getting married.  I can also see that I’m the perfect choice for him in more ways than either of us could have known.  Not many women are so blessed, and not many men, either.  I thank God for being wiser than me and picking out the perfect partner and helper for both of us.

Through travels, multiple moves, multiple countries, through childless states and toddler years, and now looking forward.  Looking forward to more newborn arrivals (I say 2, he says just this 1… I say we’ll see!) and growing stronger as a couple, through late-night feedings and frazzled nerves, all with a commitment to stay with one another, to never be stingy with giving out grace, to grant forgiveness whether it’s asked for or not, to give the benefit of the doubt at all times, and to top it all off, a great sense of humour with a willingness to laugh at mistakes and in the middle of arguments.  I love you x 2 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Eight Years

  1. Aww I loved this! Happy 8 years being married. You are a cute couple and seem so happy and in love. (And I think you will be having that daughter one day ha!) god chose the perfect mate for u 🙂

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