End of Classes

Chris and I took our friend Tanay Karia to O’Hare airport this afternoon. I am glad that I don’t have to drive around in Chicago every day. We were glad to give him the ride, though. He was catching a flight back home to India for Christmas Break.

Speaking of Christmas, that reminds me of celebrations, and speaking of celebrations, we have quite a few coming up in the next week! Monday (12/18) is our 2 year wedding anniversary, and Saturday (12/23) is my birthday, which will be spent in St. Simons Island, GA. Chris has gotten another interview lined up at the Eastern APA, this time with Central Michigan University, which, by the way, really is in the middle of Michigan! He also learned that 1 of his papers has been accepted for publication, so he’s feeling pretty good right now.

We plan to leave for Georgia on 12/21, after I have renewed my driver’s license and gotten our license plate stickers from the BMV (not my most favorite place of business). It is about a 14.5 hour drive from Lafayette to St. Simons Island, GA. From there, we will leave on 12/26 to go to Fredericksburg, VA (about a 9.5 hour drive) where we will stay the night and leave on the morning of 12/27 to drop Chris off at the Eastern APA conference in Washington, D.C. After dropping him off, me and the dogs will make the 11 hour drive back to Lafayette, IN. I may stop at my parents to break up the trip. D.C. to Muncie, IN is only about 9 hours, and I may need a break by that time!

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1 thought on “End of Classes

  1. Hi there guys, Congrat’s on your 2 year wedding anniversary, really great!
    If Jo and my marriage is indicative, you’ll spend your third year in a rainy place in the middle of England! Let’s hope it’s not as rainy – but is just as blessed as ours has been 🙂
    Jenny, Happy Birthday(!) for Saturday.
    God bless you both.

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