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I subscribe to a free NZ shopping site {somewhat similar to One King’s Lane or Gilt Groupe in the US}.  Every now and again they have great deals.  I’m not an impulse buyer, and one thing I like about this group is that it’s not the typical 24 HOURS ONLY! kind of sale.  Many last for 2-3 days, which gives me time to think about whether I truly want or need it.

My latest purchase didn’t take too much deliberation.  I got an Envirosax {click here for US website} – something I’d heard about and seen but never owned.

Envirosax were dreamed up and designed by a Kiwi living in Australia.  I purchased the Flora Pouch, made up of the following 5 bags…

Envirosax Flora Pouch

They’re much larger than they look…

And yet they roll up into such a small little thing…

The website touts them as being the perfect on-the-go solution.  They’re compact, sturdy, and can hold up to 2 grocery bags’ worth of items.  They’re great for throwing in your glove compartment or suitcase so that you’re never without an extra bag.  Considering that we walk for most of our grocery shopping, I know that these will come in handy.

See what I mean?  Tiny and compact.  I think they’d be a great beach bag or perfect for trips to the library, in addition to being great for groceries.

You can purchase Envirosax online in the US or in NZ, either in a pouch {like I did} or one at at time.  They’re currently offering US$5.00 shipping to the 48 states and NZ$5.00 shipping within New Zealand via the Envirosax website.  Normally, the set that I purchased would cost NZ$47.90 {including shipping}.  Going through my shopping group cost NZ$27.00.  Not bad, huh?  I do so love finding great {useful} deals!

Once I get them, I’ll have to do a review and let you know if they’re as great as everyone says 🙂

Has anyone else heard of envirosax?  Do you own one?  What do you think?

*If you live in New Zealand and want to join the shopping group, just send me an email at mrs{dot}practicallyperfect{at}gmail{dot}com, and I’ll send an invitation your way!*

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9 thoughts on “Envirosax!

  1. I’ve never heard of these, but they look wonderful! I may have to check into them…hey, if Justin Timberlake can carry one then my husband probably can too! Convincing him to use reusable grocery bags is like cutting off one of his nuts!

  2. Those do get summer tiny! What a great feature. Too bad I am an impulse buyer and now want one like crazy!

  3. These look great! I think they would be perfect to keep in the car. I recycle grocery bags in my car for various things, but these would be so much better. Can’t wait to hear how you like them!

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