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Erupt Prints – More Nursery Designs!

Since we’re renting, our decorating options are a bit more limited than if we owned a home.  The room that will eventually become the nursery has 3 light colored walls with 1 dark charcoal gray wall.  It’s very “blah”.  Since we can’t paint {and who the heck would want to with our 20 foot ceilings}, I’m looking for ways to brighten things up however I can.

That being said, let me tell you about another great New Zealand based designer that I’ve learned about: Erupt Prints

“Ma is White”

I love the colors in this print, and I love that it’s part of a traditional Maori folk song taught to preschoolers and kindergartners in New Zealand.  Click here if you’d like to listen to some of the lyrics.

“You Are My Sunshine”

So bright and yellow – fabulous!

Erupt Prints is based in our current hometown of Auckland, New Zealand.  I love that there are so many talented designers near where we live.  They offer several different prints for only NZ$28 apiece, some of which can be personalized.  Be sure to check out their colorful height charts, too 🙂

And yes, they ship internationally!

All images are the property of Erupt Prints

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  1. That is AWESOME. Thanks soooooo much for blogging about us. I love that you find a soundbite, totally made me smile. We’ve got a competition on at the moment on our facebook page – check it out. Thanks Jenny : )


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