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Etsy Wednesday!

Hooray for Wednesdays! Wednesday means that the week is half over, and that puts me in a very happy mood 🙂 I’m also happy because I get to share some of the stuff that I’m loving on Etsy this week! Today, I was looking at all of the different pieces of jewelry, especially bracelets. I love bracelets, in particular silver ones. I don’t know why, but I’m just a silver kind of girl. The first bracelet that caught my eye was this one from dori jenn

I really like the silver and blue combination with the different beads, don’t you?

Next, I saw this really simple silver bracelet from armourer

Very nice! Unfortunately it’s a liiiiitle out of my price range – $180. Guess I’ll have to find something a bit more recession-friendly!
Last but not least, I saw this pretty little bracelet from StoneBerri

This one’s made from sterling silver beads, and it has a matching necklace 🙂 I like it!
That’s it for this week! I hope that you guys have a great Wednesday – Friday’s almost here, and then the weekend!
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2 thoughts on “Etsy Wednesday!

  1. I still haven’t bought anything from Etsy but I browse all the time. I think I’ll be jumping into the water soon though with a couple must have items for Christmas. Yes…I’m already planning for Christmas with the way the economy is going. Have a great night!!! XOXO

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