Etsy Wednesdays

Etsy Wednesdays!

I’ve decided to try something new on my blog – Etsy Wednesdays! Etsy just amazes me – the fact that there are so many talented, creative people out there who make these things on their own just blows my mind. I love looking at all of the different products, and thought that I’d share some of my favorites each week. I don’t know what they’ll be or what shops I’ll feature – it depends on what strikes me 🙂 So, without further ado, I give you the initial installment of Etsy Wednesdays!

This week, I was looking at different spa and bath products. The first thing that caught my eye was this really cute, bright pink soap from AmplifyMe. Maybe it’s the combination of pink, black, and the hint of gold, but just the look of it was really striking – I could definitely see this in my house 🙂

Next, I saw these…Bourbon Vanilla Bath Melts from SpaTherapy. Just the name sounds so delicious. And the description? “Baked-goods vanilla scent with spicy rum and warm, buttery overtones.” Yummmm. They come in a super-cute tin, too!

The other “flavors” sound just as good – Roses and Chocolate, Brown Sugar Vanilla, Orange Chocolate Cocoa Butter, Ginger Souffle, and Good Night Cocoa. Mmmm 🙂
I must have been hungry while I was looking, because the last thing that I checked out was this pink sugared marshmallow whipped soap by Verbena Custom Blends.

The description sounds fabulous – “top notes of sweet pink sugar followed by middle notes of sweet, buttery, marshmallow filling…and sweet almond oil”. Okay, now I really am hungry! Other scents include Tea Roses with chamomile, aloe vera, avocado, and jojoba oils, Chocolate Raspberry, Frosted Lime Cupcake, Pomegranate, and much more 🙂
Be sure to check out these Etsy shops, and come back next week for another Etsy Wednesday!
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