Awards, Expat Awards – I won!

The results of the awards are in and, guess what?  I won an award!
New Zealand expat blogs</a>

Thank you so much to those of you who have supported this blog and to those who took a little extra time to leave a comment on my listing.  I was so encouraged to read your thoughts and to hear some good feedback about my blog.  It’s been my hope that I could share some about New Zealand over the years and, in the process, help other expats or potential expats in their journeys.  I’m glad to hear that this has been the case for many of you.  Thank you.

Please do check out the other blogs listed in the New Zealand awards.  Many of those blogs are favourites of mine and if you enjoy reading what I have to say, then I know that you’ll enjoy hearing from those bloggers, too.

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4 thoughts on “ Awards – I won!

  1. Cograts Jen! I haven’t been on here in ages so did not know about the awards. Your blog was certainly the most helpful one for me in my journey to NZ as we have similar backgrounds both from USA and both nurses.

  2. Congrats! That is just the encouraging nudge you need to write a post-a-day – yes? 😉

    You are just traveling, working, parenting and gestating so I am sure that you have nothing else to do but blog <3

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