Father’s Day in New Zealand

This past Sunday was Father’s Day in New Zealand.  Chris’ Father’s Day gift came a little bit early in the form of a subscription to ESPN online, allowing him to watch as much SEC football as his heart desires starting with the South Carolina game this past Friday.

On the actual day, celebrations were small but still much enjoyed.  I got up early and made a batch of Southern style buttermilk biscuits, keeping Joe occupied and quiet so that Chris could sleep in to the very late hour of 7am (have I mentioned before that Chris is an early riser?!).

Biscuits were served in bed along with a fluffy omelet and a side of chocolate (they were handing out bags of it at Mainly Music and we saved this one for Chris… he wondered why the chocolates were in the shapes of hippos and zebras, ha!).

This was followed by church in the morning, a relaxed day at home with just a tiny bit of cleaning in preparation for home group that night, and then home group with people from church.

I am so thankful to have such a great husband and father in my life 🙂

*I would post some photos, but my laptop is once again in the shop, so the majority of my photos of Joe and Chris are currently inaccessible!

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3 thoughts on “Father’s Day in New Zealand

  1. Awww… Happy Father’s Day, Chris! I didn’t realize that the date differed from the US. Chocolate for breakfast sounds like a perfect gift for Chris! (and bummer about your laptop! you’ve had lots of issues with it!)

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