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Finding my Salon :-)

I think one of the worst things about moving to a new place is finding all new “people” – new doctor, new dentist, new stylist, new vet, etc. It’s so hard to find someone that you’re comfortable with! About a month ago I asked some of my co-workers (the ones in the new RN orientation program with me) for stylist recommendations. Lovely Andrea, who’s lived in the area all of her life, recommended a stylist. She spoke so highly of him that I decided to call them up and make an appointment.

I got an appointment for a full foil & cut. Amazingly, they were able to get me in with only a 3 week wait (that’s pretty fast, considering that he’s booked 2 months in advance). The location couldn’t be better – they are halfway between my house and work. I had my appointment yesterday night, and it was so relaxing and felt so great to have my hair done. Call me silly, but there is something very calming about going in for a cut and color, you know?

I got there a few minutes early, and at exactly the right time, Ed came out, introduced himself, gave me a full tour, and introduced me to the owner. He already knew about me from Jen, another co-worker, so that was nice. The salon has a full cafe inside, complimentary coffee + tea + donuts + muffins, a manicure/pedicure room, full spa with treatment rooms, and all the usual salon stuff (cutting stations, coloring stations, and shampooing stations). Here are some of photos of the place, to give you an idea of what it looks like…

One thing that worried me the most was the client-to-stylist communication. I love it when you can tell a stylist the idea of what you want, and what you want to look like, and they fill in the details. That’s exactly the way it was with Ed. I told him that it had been since early May (gasp!) that I’d last gotten my hair styled. My hair was very long with several layers in the back, and I was beginning to feel that all of the layering looked shabby. So, I decided to cut off some of the length in order to even up the layers. He did a tri-color full-foil as well, and both the cut and color looked fabulous. And, he was easy to talk to, nice, and had good suggestions.

So, am I happy with the result? Well, I’ve got my next 3 appointments already booked, if that tells you anything! Thanks again to Andrea for the great recommendation!

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3 thoughts on “Finding my Salon :-)

  1. Finding a new stylist is the WORST! Thank goodness you found a good one. The place sounds (and looks) amazing.

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