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Freshening Up

I did what I said I would do today – I called the nurse recruiters at both area hospitals. One was out of the office, so I left a voicemail, and the other just directed me to their website. I went ahead and applied for 4 jobs. We’ll see what happens!

Also, I told Chris earlier this week that I needed some tops. It’s pathetic, but I realized how barren my closet is when there are no scrubs in there. I basically only have 4 tops that could pass off as being “nice”, and the rest are workout wear. Not good – my wardrobe is in definite need of some freshening up. So, I walked my fingers on over to my laptop and stopped in at Anthropologie for a quick look, which turned into a long look, which ended with me buying 3 different things. What do you think?

Flourishing Filigree Top
Cinched Medallions Blouse

Tangerine Twist Blouse

Now, I’ll be honest – orange is not usually my color, and as I look at the tangerine twist blouse again, I’m wondering what I was thinking when I ordered it. It seemed like a good idea at the time and a way to try something that I normally wouldn’t wear. I’ll just have to wait and see. I’m really excited about the first two, though! I can definitely picture myself in either or both of those.
I’m off to exercise now, then I’ll most likely take Bear to the bark park at our apartment complex. He’s been depressed ever since leaving Mom and Dad’s!
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16 thoughts on “Freshening Up

  1. What a coincidence. I'm doing the tangerine twist right now.

    I love anthropologie with all of my heart and soul. Great choices!

  2. I should clarify – I wanted some tops that I could wear to church or to some of the nicer college functions with Chris. I know that the 2nd and 3rd options are not as easily matched with things as the 1st one, but I need some nicer, "dressier" choices to fill up my very "blah" closet 🙂

  3. I love all three… if you dont like the tangerine – send it my way… hehe!!! I'm sure it looks good on you – an orange color looks great on everyone – especially great summer or fall color!!!

    good taste girl!

  4. Ok A. I went ont a anthro shopping spree myself and
    B. I left you a fun little tag game on my blog
    happy thursday!! 🙂

  5. They're all cute! The first one is my favorite – I love tops made like that because they always look so flattering!

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