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Friendly. Liveable. Expensive.

According to some recent surveys, New Zealand is, hands-down, the friendliest country on earth {click on image to go to report}.

NZ is Friendliest Country on Earth according to HSBC Expat Explorer

Auckland – where we live – was also recently ranked as “The World’s 10th Most Liveable City”.  Wellington – the capital – was ranked #23 {click on image to go to report}.

Auckland 10th Most Liveable City According to EIU Rankings

Auckland also scored fairly highly in another recent survey: most expensive :-/  Yup – we’re #24 in the world {New York was #14, to give you an idea}.  The survey found that, in a 2 year period, Auckland’s average wage went up by 45% {good news!} but the cost of living increased by 58% {bad news!}.

Still, at least we live in the friendliest place on earth, right?  Though “Happiest Place on Earth” still belongs to Disney, doesn’t it?  It’s also nice to be in the most liveable city in the country, but a bit of a bummer that it shares that title with “most expensive”.

How about you, my lovely readers?  What about your country makes it – in your opinion – the friendliest?  What makes your city the “most liveable”?  What makes it expensive?  Share!

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  1. Well, I used to live in Vancouver, the previous #1 liveable city. We decided not to live in Auckland not because it was expensive, but because of the traffic. 😉 (We live down in the BOP)

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