Giving Yourself Permission to Stop, and to Start Again

Wow – it’s been awhile since I’ve had the energy or time or creative inclination to sit down and write.  This is the first post I’ve put up in months and, truth is, I’m a little worried about it.  I lay in bed the other night, trying to get to sleep, but thoughts of this blog kept popping into my head.

“I should start writing again,” I thought.  This was immediately followed with, “But what if I stop writing again?”

I thought on it for awhile and realize, it doesn’t matter.  I got swept up (or bogged down) in the idea of blogging as a responsibility, that I had to post a certain number of times each week, each month.  And I got sick of doing it.

So, I stopped.

Time is a great healer, and I needed some time to heal.  Now that some of my wounds are gone and some are getting better, I can come back to this blog and share again about my life.

If you’re still checking this blog every now and again, thanks 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Giving Yourself Permission to Stop, and to Start Again

  1. Oh yay! Was just thinking of you the other day and wondering how everything is going. Nice to see a post 🙂 Hope you are all well! x

  2. I’m glad to hear time is being kind and glad to see a post here! I’ve missed blogging myself – maybe one day I’ll start a fresh one (I think that’s why I stopped posting in the first place, because I didn’t feel like the space fit me anymore).

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