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Goals for the Week: December 23rd – 29th

Happy Birthday to me!  Yes, today (23rd of December) is my birthday.  I feel like just a few years ago I was getting my driver’s license.  Now, I’m 32 years old!

My overriding goal for the last week was to do things while keeping in mind that no amount of box-checking was as important as maintaining happy relationships with Chris and the boys.  It was a very restful and, yes, very productive week.

Here are this week’s goals…


Around the House…

No goals!  We’re on holiday in St. Simons Island, GA, so I don’t have anything at our house that I need to do.  I do, however, plan on helping out around here by making dinners (made chicken veggie skewers last night) and cleaning


Take Chris on a date

Read 3 books to the boys each day

Take Joe on a Mommy-Son trip to the playground or to the beach

Call my grandmother in Michigan and my grandfather in Arizona


Take my multivitamin each day

Drink 64 ounces of water each day

Find a new devotional book!

Not a whole lot of goals, really, but I’m OK with that.


Here’s a check-in on last week’s goals


Around the House

Get back on a cleaning schedule. (Got it printed, posted and followed most of it every day).

Finish caulking in the hall bathroom – around tiles on walls, around the sink, and around the tub

Prime and paint the front hallway + trim (all priming complete, including the closet doors, but did not get to the painting other than the hallway closet handles)

Finish labeling all of the baby clothes and baby items that we’ll be bringing to GA for my sisters-in-law to borrow

Pack all of the suitcases for our trip

Plan and make snacks and lunch for the drive down

Set up holds for the mail and newspaper during our time away


Read at least 3 books to the boys (one at bedtime) each day

Tell Chris at least one thing that I admire about him each day

Send out photos and video to the grandparents of Joe and Jack opening presents from them, as well as photos from our trip to see Santa

Create and order our family calendar for 2014

Personal Goals…

Drink 64 ounces of water each day, half of that before my first cup of morning tea

Take my multivitamin and iron each day (taking iron has been making my feel ill lately, so I’m looking into alternatives for that)

Run 6 miles (campus gym = closed)

Settle on a new devotional book… I’m open to suggestions!

Add-On Goals…

Finished organizing all of the files in our filing cabinet

Primed all of the shelves in the hallway closet

Installed new curtains in the master bedroom

Set up the rug and trimmed the rug pad in the boy’s play area section of the main room

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  1. Happy Birthday Jenny!!!! And Merry Christmas to you and your precious family!! I hope you have a lovely time on your holiday! 🙂

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