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Going Retro

One of the perks of coming from a big family: there’s plenty of hand-me-downs and things that are saved for future use.  Case in point: the seemingly unending supply of toys available to Joe during our holiday.  We have photos of Joe seated in bins with playthings spilling out around him – he was so excited!

One of the {many} toys that my mom saved from our childhood days was a Fisher-Price record player.  Joe loved that thing – if he could see it, he was reaching for it…

See what I mean?  My mom took the above photo and it captures Joe’s interest perfectly – arms outstretched, lips pursed and concentrating… something about this 30+ year old toy captivated him.

Knowing how much Joe loved this toy, I’m sure that you can imagine how happy we were when we my parents gave him this:

That’s right…

Joe now owns a Fisher-Price record player, and he loves it just as much as the original 🙂


What about you?  Is there a special toy that you remember from your childhood, maybe something you’ve saved so that your own little ones can play with it down the road?

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5 thoughts on “Going Retro

  1. Oh wow! I loved my record player when I was a kid! It looked exactly like that!

    I know I sound like a broken record (Ha. Pun intended) but Joe is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!

  2. all the fisher price play sets…airplane, parking garage, helicopter, treetop family, sesame street fold out building. we even had a strip of western storefronts for the fisher price people. and of course…the record player!

  3. I had tunes from that record player in my head all the time Joe was visiting! LOL! This post has great timing, since I was just reminiscing with you about old board games… Uncle Wiggly all the way!

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