Good Days

Tuesday was a good day.

Mom, Joe and I headed over to my hometown church and attended a women’s Bible study.  Nursery service was provided, which meant that Joe was able to play and I was able to visit.

I grew up in this church.  Many of the women have known me since before I can remember.  The women that I didn’t know knew me through my mom.  Introductions were frequently followed up with, “Oh, so you’re the New Zealand daughter!  It’s great to meet you!”

I felt like a part of the community, despite having been away for years.  Some churches are like that, whether you grew up in them or not.

Joe began to fuss at one point and I got a page from the nursery.  I headed down to see what was up and learned that, despite a full bottle and a diaper change, he’d decided that napping was for the birds and he was over-tired.  The second I held him in my arms, he quieted down, laid his sleepy head on my shoulder, and sighed.  All of the nursery workers said, “Well, that’s a mother’s touch, for you!”  I smiled and thanked them, both for watching Joe and then, silently, for giving me the opportunity to relish in being the one person who can quiet my baby *snap* like that.

The day kept up on a high note.  I returned home with Mom, played with Joe, fed and burped him, changed him, and then handed him to Chris so that I could go to the salon.

Love these guys!

I got a full set of highlights plus a haircut for about half of what I’d pay in New Zealand.  Lovely.

And then, because I was feeling fancy and happy, we ended the day by turning Joe over to my parents’ waiting, capable arms.  Chris and I headed out on our first date since Joe was born (he’ll be 6 months old next week – time flies!).

As it was a Tuesday night, we were the only people in the theater.  We took full advantage of that and laughed as loud as we wanted and propped our feet up on the railing, not worrying about what the people behind us might think because there were no people behind us.

We walked out of the theater, hand in hand, enjoying the quiet chill of an Indiana winter’s evening.  Chris turned to me and asked, “Drinks?”  I thought, “Why not!”  We hopped in my parents’ car and looked for a restaurant, pulling into the second one we passed.  Our waitress was friendly, the drinks and appetizers were half-priced because of the late hour, and we sat and chatted.  Nothing fancy, but fun.

Mom was asleep by the time we got home, but my sister Katrina and my dad assured me that Joe did great.  I was glad, but also missed my baby boy.  I fought the urge to peak in on him – missing him or not, I didn’t want to risk waking him and being up for another 2 hours!

So, what makes a good day?  Bible Study?  A trip to the salon?  Seeing a movie with your husband?  Getting drinks and an appetizer afterward?  Returning home to a sleeping baby and family?

How about all of these things rolled into one, big, happy day?  Sounds good to me 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Good Days

  1. Hey Jenny 🙂

    This sounds like the perfect day and night! Adorable pics! I can’t believe Joe is almost 6 months wow time flies. Well I’m happy you and Chris had a date and got to come home to a sleeping baby. Bliss!

  2. Sounds like a great day 🙂 Mum & I went and had a relaxing facial in Ponsonby the other night, so nice especially after a busy day at work 🙂

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