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Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today happens to be my day off, and after working straight through since Thursday and having 2 other RNs call in sick yesterday, I believe that I need it.

I have some happy news about my family. One of my sisters lives in Iowa with her husband and 3 children. My BIL is an engineer (and fellow Purdue-grad), and was laid off several months back. He survived his company’s first 2 lay-offs, but when the 3rd one came around, he unfortunately didn’t make the cut. My sister runs an in-home daycare, which I think is amazing in and of itself (seriously, how do people do that?!), and while this was enough to cover expenses, things were pretty tight. My BIL searched high and low for employment, but he was tied to the area: he had started his master’s program and had only a year and a half left. Withdrawing from the program would’ve been a big setback, so they kept their search mostly centralized around their current home.

Fastforward to now – my sister calls me last night and tells me that BIL’s university has offered him a half-time lecturer position! In addition to paying him, they’ll cover 50% of his tuition and pay benefits. On top of that, the Dean hinted that they would probably have a full-time lecturer position open once BIL graduated, and that he should apply. Awesome! This is such a huge answer to prayer, and I’m very, very happy for them 🙂 The job won’t start till the school year, but for those of you who’ve ever been out of work, well I’m sure that you can share in their relief.

Alright, I’ve got to get moving. I’ve got a bed to make, a treadmill to run on, floors to vaccuum, and a dog to walk. I’ll see you later!
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  1. That's great! Now … its not so much unemployment but a sabbatical! 🙂 Congrats! What day is the big move?

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