Good Things, With a Few Not So Good Things

Good Things

  • I’ve sent off my NCNZ application.  Fingers crossed!
  • Our Visa applications arrived yesterday at the NZ Embassy in Washington, D.C.
  • I started P90X (not doing it every day because of my work schedule, but doing it at all is better than not)
  • I finally got my last schedule for work – I’ll only be working 4 of the 6 weeks on it, and then I’m done!
  • Even better – my request to have the last 3 days of the schedule as my “regular” days off was approved.  Translation: I will have 6 full days off before we leave for St. Thomas.  Translation: lots of time to get things packed and shipped to New Zealand.
  • There are only 58 more days till we leave for New Zealand!

Not So Good Things

  • My arms, shoulders, and abs are killing me after doing the P90X.  I should’ve bought stock in ibuprofen.
  • My last work schedule has me pulling a lot of overtime.  All of my ideas of using days off to sift through our belongings are rapidly disappearing, because I have very few days off!  Also, it means that my trip to Madison, WI to visit family is going to be much shorter, if it even happens at all.  Boo.  I think that there’s one week where I’m not pulling over time, and pretty much each week has me working 4 12s in a row.  I turn into a scary monster when I do those.  Just ask Chris.
  • My job has decided to change our shift start times.  Now, instead of working 6p – 6:30a, I’ll working 7p – 7:30a.  Not too thrilled about this little fact.
  • And I know that I listed this under the “good things” section, but I kind of think that it can be listed here, too… only 58 more days till we leave for New Zealand.  Augh!

So in total, the “Good Things” outnumber the “Not So Good Things” by 2 bullet points.  I can live with that 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Good Things, With a Few Not So Good Things

  1. Wow! What a lot you have going on now… I’m sorry to hear that your work schedule is going to be so hectic…. but perhaps it will help keep you from procrastinating… some times I am way more productive when I know my time is limited…

    AND HOLY SMOKES 58 DAYS? That is so soon…. Go you, and I cannot wait to hear about the place you find when you get there… and then I can’t wait for you to pep talk me through our big move in July… considering you will have just wrapped up your when I am starting mine 🙂

  2. Your life is sure full of excitement right now! New Zealand is going to be such an amazing experience. 4 more weeks of work left – woohoo!

  3. Oh my gosh how exciting its less than 60 days. I get excited just reading your blog to find out how much closer it is and how things are coming along. Good Luck Jenny

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