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Hair Dryer Help

Do any of you have some good hair dryer recommendations? I’m about to throw mine in the garbage. I don’t have super-thick hair, but it’s pretty long and takes a good 30-40 minutes to dry straight out of the shower. I would really like something that takes a little less time than that. Suggestions, please!

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13 thoughts on “Hair Dryer Help

  1. 30 to 40 minutes to blow dry your hair?

    I'm the luckiest girl alive. My hair air dries straight and if I do decide to blow dry it, it takes 5-8 minutes.

    My blow dryer is from target and it was super cheap. Sorry I'm no help. Just annoying and braggy. I'm lame. 😉

  2. CHI HAIR DRYER. I have the Chi Turbo, it's better than the normal because it has more settings I think.

    Amazing. Keeps your hair healthy and cuts drying time in like half. Godo luck!

  3. I use a Revlon Tourmaline Ionic — it was probably $35 at Target a few years ago but I don't leave home without it. Also, I just upgraded to a super large barrel round brush and now blow drying time is only 20 minutes. The brush is huge but it drys more hair at once. Good luck!

  4. I'm absolutely zero help in this department – I always let my hair air dry unless I'm going out, but that picture made my day!

  5. I have really fine, thin hair so I keep it wrapped in a towel for as long as possible. I normally do my makeup and then dry my hair. It takes about 10 minutes (maybe more in the warmer months because of humidity). I just use a cheap hair dryer because Ellie shares with me and she can ruin everything she touches. LOL!!! Good luck. XOXO

  6. I agree with Belle, I'm a professional, and I love the Solano Lite. Its much lighter than the Super Solano, and is durable!

  7. Mine's a Conair ionic hair dryer. It comes with a diffuser attachment and another one that just directs the air a little better. I got it at WalMart I think, I'm not one to go out and spend oodles on a hair dryer. It's treated me well so far, I have really thick hair and it dries in 20 to 30 min if it's completely wet, and 10 or less if I've had my hair in a towel for a while. There are lots of settings on it, including a turbo dry and a cool air setting.

  8. I have a chi! I love it! My last hair dryer threw sparks at my hair. It was a Revelon (correct spelling?)! Anywho, my chi is so much quieter and my hair drys way faster!

  9. Get the Super Solano – it is what alot of professionals use – I'm on my second one now and LOVE it. It retails for about $110 but if you do some research you can find them for cheaper. I just ordered one from Amazon for $89.

    Good luck!

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