Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my younger brother E and his wife, A! E is number 2 out of my 4 brothers, and number 7 out of the 10 kids 🙂 They were married a year ago today, and have gone through a lot of life changes since then!

The above was taken as they were “announced” as husband and wife while entering the reception hall. Don’t they look amazing?!

This anniversary is bittersweet, because E is leaving this week for Iraq. He’s in the USAF, and that’s a big reason as to why they’ve had to go through so many changes. I have a lot of respect for military families, and their example has been so great. I was thinking of my own frustrations last night, and realized how lucky I am that my husband does not have to leave me for huge chunks of time to go into a dangerous, conflict-ridden part of the world. It put things in perspective, you know?

E may have a layover somewhere in the New England area on his flight out of the country. If so, I’m going to try to get the time off work so that I can drive out and see him before he leaves 🙂
E and A – we love you and miss you both! Happy Anniversary!!!
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  1. Mrs. Ruby says:

    Hey there!
    Just ran across your blog and noticed YOU’RE a midwestern girl in the northeast. ME TOO! 🙂
    I’m definitely a new follower!!!

  2. Rebecca Jo says:

    What a beautiful couple!!! Oh, how I have such respect for military men & women AND their spouses & family!!!

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