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Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Happy Anniversary to my parents! They were married 37 years ago today on St. Patrick’s Day. They’re not Irish – this just happened to be the 1st available day during my dad’s final year of medical school . My parents have known each other their entire lives. My mom’s mother went to my dad’s baby shower, and my dad and my mom’s brother were best friends all through childhood into college. Since they knew each other for so long, their dating history was pretty brief – he asked her to marry him on their second date! My grandmother said that you could’ve knocked her over with a feather when my mom came home and told her that she was marrying him 🙂

Below is a picture of my parents, taken a few months after their wedding while visiting my grandparents. You can see their wedding photos hanging on the wall, and I just love the way that they’re looking at each other 🙂

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! We love you!
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7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

  1. How sweet is that photo!!! I hope they had a fabulous anniversary!!! My questions…did they use green as a wedding color? So cute that they got engaged so soon. My Dad proposed to my mom on their first date. They were married 3 months later. 🙂 XOXO

  2. I love this pictures of your parents! I love how your father is loking at your mother and vice versa!! Priceless 🙂

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