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Happy Anniversary :-)

Today was our 4 year anniversary! It’s hard to believe that Chris & I were married on this day back in 2004 – time has flown by.

We’ve been through many changes over these last 4 years. We’ve moved a total of 4 times (yikes!), I became a nurse, Chris became a professor, we’ve traveled to Spain, Paris, Hawaii, the Bahamas (and soon we’ll be adding St. Thomas to that list). We’ve gone through highs and lows, elation & disappointment. All in all, it’s been busy! But these years have been very good. Actually, they’ve been great. Every day, I fall more in love with my husband, and I’m so thankful that he’s mine.

Here’s a picture taken by a friend of ours at our wedding. It’s not a professional shot, and I had to scan it in to the computer since all I had was a hard copy, but I really love it – we were having so much fun!

We always get each other something for our anniversary. This year, I wasn’t expecting anything big, but I was in for a surprise. In addition to getting this…

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian DVD, I was totally shocked when I opened this…
…A 1.04 carat diamond solitaire (excuse the poor quality photo)
I was completely surprised (about the diamond, not the movie)! I had mentioned to Chris that this was something that I really wanted, but knew that it was highly unlikely that I’d be getting it anytime soon. Turns out, he spent hours and hours and hours researching and looking for the perfect, most high quality diamond within his budget. I think that he did a pretty good job 🙂
I love you, Honey!
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7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary :-)

  1. That necklace is gorgeous!!!! I love diamond necklaces too! And the picture of you and your husband is divine! You both look like you could be in a catalog! Haha… Happy Anniversary!


  2. Happy Anniversary! I adore the wedding pic! You have a great man there to gift you such a wonderful necklace! Congrats!

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