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Happy Birthday, Chris!

In honor of Chris’ 29th birthday {which was Saturday!}, I thought that I would share an in-no-way-complete pictorial chronicle of his life.  It’s so fun to see what Chris looked like before we met, and to notice things about him in his childhood pictures that he still does now – the eyebrow waggle, his characteristic smirk…   Enjoy!

Chris has never been afraid to be the star of the show

Look at those blonde curls!  Where did they go?!

This is such a “Chris grin”

First day of school!  A short 21 years later, this little boy was a college professor.  Who would’ve thought?

Chris – aka, Ninja Assassin

Chubbs 😉

There are no words!

He soon turned to more “manly” sports

And continued to climb trees (if there’s a good tree around, Chris will climb it)

Continuing with our sports theme…

Chris told me that the reason why he’s smiling so big in this photo is because, just before the photographer took it, one of the cheerleaders walked by and said, “Heeey, Chris!”.  Hmm.

He eventually graduated from high school…

…went through a weird phase in undergrad…

…but turned out alright and got his Bachelor’s and Master’s 🙂

He went on to Purdue, where he met me (this was taken a few minutes before Chris asked me out for the first time)

And one thing led to another!

He got his PhD…

…we moved to Massachusetts, where he grew a beard…

…then we moved to Notre Dame where Chris got rid of the beard and did a research fellowship…

…and then moved to our current location: Auckland, New Zealand!

**I just noticed that Chris is wearing the exact same outfit in his South Bend, IN picture as he is in his Auckland, New Zealand picture.  Ha!**

I’m very happy to be married to such a great guy.  I look forward to lots of birthdays to come! Happy Birthday, Sweetie 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Chris!

  1. What a wonderful post! Happy Birthday to your husband! I loved seeing all the pictures! He sure was a chubby kid though, did he eventually just grow out of it?

  2. Oh very sweet…. he was such a cute kid… and the riding get up… I die of sheer and wonderful cute preppy kidness! 🙂

    Happy Birthday Chris!

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