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Happy Birthday to my Husband

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, handsome husband 🙂 He’s an old man – 28 years old! This is the 6th birthday that I’ve been able to celebrate with him, and each year I’m more grateful than the last.

We’re not planning on anything too special tonight – just presents (he’s already gotten his cake/pie earlier this week). The plan is to have a big party tomorrow night with all of the family down in Florida. I’m really glad that we’ll be able to spend his birthday with loved ones.

To celebrate, I thought that I’d share some pictures of Chris over the years. I love looking at them, especially the ones from when he was a little kid. Enjoy!

Chris with his little sister N and little brother M – look at that hair!
Another picture of little Chris

Chris with his friends Stephen (currently in his MD residency), Matt (currently getting his MBA in Chicago), and Craig (now a pastor) before prom
The 4 High School Valedictorians and Craig (Craig turned out alright though – he graduated from Princeton)

Right after Chris proposed in his parents’ backyard
Holding my niece Elaine at my parents’ house
Chris the Pineapple in Hawaii

Ethel, Chris, and Lucy at South Bend Chocolate Company
Chris the Cuban Dancer (complete with Gamecocks visor!) in Key West… are you starting to notice a theme, here?!
Chris at the Moet & Chandon Cellars in France
Their champagne was sooo good!
I call this picture “Happy Chris”. I love it, but he hates it because of how unflattering it is. Let’s just say that he’d had a few rum and cokes while on our day cruise in St. Thomas… not that you can tell, right?

Driving on our trip to Maine

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little photo-fest of my husband 🙂 Happy, happy birthday, Sweetie!
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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Husband

  1. How fun! It's always great to see the photos over time…what a great way to pay tribute to your hubby!

  2. Cute AND smart! What a lucky girl you are. 🙂

    That picture with the tuxedos – I couldn't get past the wall paper!! Holy flowers, batman!!

  3. He had the perfect little kid flopsy hair and squishable cheeks! a-freaking-dorable.

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