Happy Wednesday!

Hello my lovely readers, and Happy Wednesday! Just think, after today, only 2 more days till the weekend 🙂 I’m looking forward to this Friday – my friends K and O are going out with me to Patriot Place in Foxboro, which is adjacent to the Patriots’ Gillette Stadium. I can’t wait! I haven’t been there yet, but K says it’s really nice and has loads of places to eat at and shop – sounds fun to me!

I’m also enjoying working with Kelsey on my new blog layout. Hopefully, I’ll have something to show y’all by week’s end. What she’s done so far looks awesome, and I’m excited to share it with you 🙂

Update on my brother – he’s still in Critical Care as of yesterday afternoon, but definitely showing signs of improvement. My mom is still up there, staying with him while his wife, B, goes into work. Apparently, things were a bit more serious than what my dad originally let on – leave it to a parent to down-play things to their kids! Still, he’s on the mend, and hopefully will be out of the hospital by Friday (cross your fingers!).

Speaking of hospitals, I am beginning to remember how much I despise applying for jobs. I have called 2 of my current hospital’s sister campuses near where we’ll be living in Indiana. The 1st one never called me back after sending me the initial transfer paperwork, and I’ve left 3 voicemails over the last 4 weeks. I’m not impressed. I called the 2nd campus yesterday, and their nurse resource manager was really nice, but bascially told me that they have nothing open and probably won’t for awhile. She had me send her my resume, anyway, which I promptly did, but this means that I’ll likely have to look elsewhere for employment.
This really stinks. It means that I’ll lose all of my benefits, which I really did not want to have happen. I created an online application profile with one hospital yesterday (my day off) and it took a good hour. The site kept having errors and it would suddenly freeze and then reload, and all of my information would be gone. After the third time of that happening, I gave it a break and came back to finish it later. Ugh. And that was only one hospital. I’ll likely be filling out 10 – 15 more of those within the next month. Oh well, c’est la vie!
Have a great Wednesday everyone 🙂
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  1. Gleatie says:

    I will definitely be thinking about your brother! WHat is actually wrong with him? That does stink about having to find a new job. I am eventually going to have to do the same thing and I am not looking forward to it! I know exactly what you are talking about when you say that OTHER sites are always the ones acting up! Hope everything starts to look up soon!!

  2. Children of the Nineties says:

    Your brother is in my thoughts, I hope everything turns out okay.

    And I agree, looking for jobs in a huge pain. I hate filling out those online applications, they take forever and there’s no guarantee anyone will even read it. It’s definitely frustrating! Good luck–at least you’re in a very in-demand field!

  3. Fidgeting Gidget says:

    Yeah, job searching isn’t fun. I hope your bro is going to be ok! I’ll be thinking of your family.

    Your trip to Foxboro sounds fun!

  4. Rebecca Jo says:

    Hope your brother does get out by Friday!!!

    And dang computer.. doesnt that make you so stressed when you do something repeatedly & it just keeps getting wiped away! Good luck on your other resumes!

  5. ~Mrs. Guru~ says:

    I will keep your brother and your family in my prayers. Looking for jobs is the worst. Hang in there!

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