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Has Miss Piggy Lost Weight?

People are contending that Miss Piggy has lost weight, based on these photographs showing her 13 years ago compared to today’s appearance on “The View”. What do you think?

Yes, I’m aware that we are in fact talking about a Muppet and that given the current state of the economy there are certainly more pressing matters to consider. Still, I’ve always had a soft spot for Miss Piggy 🙂 I think she looks the same, weight-wise. Maybe it’s just her hair that makes her face look thinner. Thoughts? Opinions?
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7 thoughts on “Has Miss Piggy Lost Weight?

  1. that is so awesome..ms. piggy was my idol growing up! can you imagine body image of girls today if ms. piggy was who they looked at???
    i definitely can see she got an ear lift and maybe the lighting caused her to look her best. but she’s fabulous as always.

  2. Yeah – I think its the hair… its not so much old fashioned Dolly Pardon… that look doesnt look good on anyone!

    I was always a fan of hers – especially because I have a black belt in Kung Fu & she was a martial artist herself… dont mess with Miss Piggy – or her Kermit!

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