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Heavenly Sugar

I’m a bit sun burnt (all of that time on the beach is catching up with me), so I decided to take today to do a bit of laundry and hang out inside the resort. It helps that I can do all of this while looking out on the beautiful turquoise waters of the St. Thomas harbor and Frenchman’s Cove!

I found these adorable hand-made embossed sugars on Poudrier Rose, specially advertised for Valentine’s Day. They’re pink! The sugars are part of their “Heavenly Sugar” line from Paris, and I think they look so sweet 🙂 I just may have to get some!

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1 thought on “Heavenly Sugar

  1. how sugary sweet! 🙂 i love valentine’s day stuff. the cards, balloons, stuffed animals, and sweets!

    hope you’re having a wonderful time.

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