Help a blogger out…

I was recently contacted by Expats Blog and informed that my blog was in the running for an expat blog award.  Yippee!

Living in New Zealand

If you’ve found my blog interesting, helpful, or enjoy reading it for some other reason, then please head on over to my listing at Expats Blog and write a few positive words.  The judging will finish in late December, so there’s still plenty of time.  One of the things that I told myself that I would do when we arrived in New Zealand was to use my blog to help other expats.  I found that NZ expat blogs weren’t very numerous at that time or that they weren’t often updated.  I hope that I’ve been able to help some of you!

Again, here’s the link to my listing.  You don’t have to be an expat to leave a review, nor do you need an Expats Blog account, though they will ask for an email address.

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