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Today, I’m linking up with The Blog Dare on Bloggy Moms.  I’ve only recently heard about it, and thought that I’d start it up in 2012.  I was looking over some of the 2011 prompts, saw the ones listed for the remainder of December, and thought, “Why not do a few now?”  So today, that’s just what I’m doing.

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The prompt for today is to write about special holiday events and celebrations in my area.  I’m happy to do that, because we’re planning to attend one of them today.

Now, normally we would be in New Zealand this time of year.  If that were the case, I’d write about The Santa Parade, Christmas in the Park (we attended that last year), and the window decorations at our local Smith & Caughey’s.

However, this year we’re visiting my parents and my in-laws in the States.  Right now, we’re in Yorktown, Indiana – my hometown – and there are plenty of local events to celebrate the season.  Today, we’re going to go the Yorktown Luminary Festival.

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The festival includes a Santa Parade, shopping, a snowball fight (even if there’s no snow – they use a biodegradable foam instead!), and pictures with Santa.  The town puts its merriest face forward with lots of decorations…

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I’m especially looking forward to Joe having his first “Santa Photo”.  Hopefully, he’s not too alarmed.  We’ll see how it turns out!

What are some fun holiday events in your area?

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5 thoughts on “Holiday Events!

  1. It’s a fairly small town, but I like that they make an effort 🙂 It was fun to visit and to see all of the different Christmas decorations, Santa, and the holiday market. Definitely worth looking for other towns in your area that do something similar!

  2. Snowball fights and a Santa parade? That’s pretty neat! My town doesn’t do much – the main downtown square is decorated but there aren’t too many events. I wish we did more – I may have to start scouting out events in nearby areas.

  3. Sounds like fun things to do! I too can’t wait to see Joe’s first Santa picture! Ryder did much better with Santa this year than years past.

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