Homemade Pear Butter

Joe and Jack are big peanut butter and jelly fans.  We go through a lot of jelly these days.  I already make my own peanut butter (so easy) but decided to give making some jam a try.  The only thing is that most of the jam fruits that I would want to use (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries) aren’t in season yet.  I was walking around the produce section at the grocery, saw that pears were way on sale (even more economical than apples) and thought: pear butter!  So I bought 10 pounds of pears and got started.

2014-04-04 08.29.12I searched online and found quite a few yummy looking recipes, but ultimately decided on this one from Food Fanatic.  Her recipe calls for cardamom but, since cardamom isn’t a spice that I usually cook with, I decided to use a little extra nutmeg instead.  Tasted just fine to me!

2014-04-04 08.38.19A nice bonus is that when you make this, your house will smell delicious – like fall and an orchard and all kinds of yummy spices.  I kept wanting to eat the pear butter straight from the pot while testing its consistency.  Chris and I tested it that night on some vanilla ice cream… mmm, delicious!

2014-04-04 08.29.24

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