Hooray for the End of the Semester!

Yay! There are only a few more days left until the fall semester is over, and I am so glad! I can’t believe that this semester has gone so quickly. At the beginning of the school year it seemed like it was going to last forever 🙂 After this, the spring semester will seem like a piece of cake.

Chris is still waiting on word about job interviews. It is typically during this week and the week after that schools start calling. I’ll let you know how things turn out. As of right now, Chris and I are planning to head to the APA conference in Baltimore, MD (where the interviews are held) on December 26th – December 30th. We’ll be meeting his parents there (hopefully), so while Chris is on his interviews and listening to papers, I can have fun with them! We are both really looking forward to it. The rest of my Christmas Break will be spent visiting my family in Yorktown, IN and working some extra hours at the hospital.

Other exciting end-of-the-semester news is my brother’s wedding. He is getting married on December 15th to Becca. After this, I have decided that there should be no more December weddings in the family! Already we have Sam & Shelly’s wedding anniversary on December 14th, Chris’ and mine on December 18th, Chris’ gramma’s birthday on December 1st, my sister’s birthday on December 21st, my birthday on December 23rd, and Chris’ sister’s birthday on December 26th. Not to mention Christmas and New Year’s Eve! There is definitely too much going on in this month!

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