How To Have a Great Birthday

Apparently, turning 30 is some kind of a big deal.

By that, I mean that to most people it’s something to mourn – 30 years old.

Pfffbt! Whatever.

I love what’s happening in my life right now – happily married, beautiful baby, both Chris and I are employed with jobs we love, and our families are doing great.  So much better than when I was 20, single, and in school!

The day started with Chris and Joe singing “Happy Birthday” while I was still in bed.

Well, more like Chris singing “Happy Birthday” with Joe yelling what I’m assuming meant “Hey Mom – I’m glad it’s your birthday and all, but I wanna eat!”

Later, we did something that I have never done on my birthday.  We went swimming!

Remember – I’m from Indiana.  December in Indiana is cold.  This birthday was in St. Simons Island, GA, where it was a warm 76F (just over 24C).  My in-laws’ pool was a balmy 88F (just over 31C).

Joe was loving it.  In fact, he loved it so much that we were in there for over an hour and a half.  He was basically a fish.

I’ve heard rumors about babies freaking out when they’re in the water.

Not Joe.  He luxuriated in it, if such a thing were possible for a baby to do.

Lunch was crab cakes from Barbara Jean’s.

Chris got shrimp and grits, naturally, as well as some desserts “for me”: chocolate stuff (that’s actually what it’s called – it’s basically very under-baked chocolate batter served warm in a bowl) and apple fruit cobbler, along with pumpkin bread.  Other sides included ambrosia salad, veggies, and jalapeno cornbread.

It was delicious, as always!

The rest of the day was equally relaxed – more swimming, a nice walk with just me and Chris, and presents with cake (made by Mrs. Dart!) at the end of the day…

My sister-in-law, Nicki, has her birthday the day after Christmas so it was a joint celebration

Mmmm… angel food cake and chocolate buttercream frosting.  A birthday tradition.

I also got a call from one of my sisters, Valerie, and from my Mom.

Birthday card from Mom + Dad

The gifts were thoughtful and sweet – a cookbook and DVDs from Chris, a scarf from Nicki + Preston, DVD of “The Closer” from Michael + Anna, and a scarf, shirt, and bracelet from Tom + Janice (my family did a joint birthday/Christmas before we came to SSI).

The day ended with another swim in the pool once Joe was in bed.  Chris and I floated in the dimly lit pool and were eventually joined by Nicki and Preston for a nighttime game of “Monkey in the Middle”.  Since it was my birthday, Chris took the part of the monkey whenever one of my throws was intercepted.  Such a sweet guy!

I had a wonderful birthday, made even more so by being with family and hearing from loved ones.  Thank you, you guys!

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9 thoughts on “How To Have a Great Birthday

  1. Aww Happy Birthday Jenny! I will welcome 29 this coming March but I’m not looking forward to 30. It’s just a number but I guess I just think wow I’ll be THIRTY! I live joes pictures in the pool! That’s awesome he loved it so much! Looks like you may have a swimmer in the near future!

  2. Happy belated Birthday! It sounds like a wonderful day! I went to Barbara Jean’s when I was in Charleston and fell in love with chocolate stuff! I think I could have eaten it every day.

  3. What a great birthday, glad you had a good one – pretty much a summery one for ya 🙂 My birthday is always in winter so i know what you mean – I’m so glad I got to have a summer birthday this year too 🙂

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