If You Live in the Boston or Chicago Area…

…then you’ve gotta sign up for the Daily Groupon! I signed up for the Boston one a few weeks back, and it. is. awesome! Chris and I have already purchased one of the restaurant deals and it was super-fabulous 🙂

The idea behind the Daily Groupon is this – they email the daily offer, usually something really great, and if you and a minimum of 19 other people sign up, you get the deal! The available number is unlimited – they just need a minimum of 20. Today’s deal already has over 700 people signed up, so you can see that reaching the minimum is generally not a problem 🙂

So far, the deals for the Boston-area have included car washes, restaurants, spas, salons, flowers, and (as of yesterday) dental cleaning (that one cracked me up!). Today’s offer looks really good – pay $49.00 for a groupon to La Dolce Vita Salon and Day Spa and get $178 worth of services – haircut, blowdry, manicure, pedicure, and eyebrow wax. Only $49.00 for all of that!!! Woo hoo!

So again, if you live in either the Boston or Chicago areas, look this up!

**UPDATE – They apparently have a daily Groupon for NYC, too!**

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6 thoughts on “If You Live in the Boston or Chicago Area…

  1. The boo is stronger/faster than me too…But we split up when we go to the gym 🙂

    Lucky girl at the spa…Take me with you!??!!?


  2. I just knew Boston was a wonderful city even after only spending one day!!

    What I wouldn't give for that $49 spa day!!!!

    If you got it, I hope you enjoy it

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