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iLatch for iPad: A Mom’s Creative Solution

Hello, my lovely readers!  I’ve recently found out about an inspiring project that’s in the works: the iLatch for iPad.

The iLatch is a Kickstarter project that was created by mom Laura Graham.  I love the idea of a mom seeing a problem and then coming up with a creative solution!

I know that many of my friends in NZ have family overseas.  For those of you living in the States, I’m sure that you’ve had to make the occasional plane ride or roadtrip with a fussy little one.  The iLatch is a great way to use your iPad for airline travel, roadtrips, or other excursions where your child is strapped in for long periods of time.  Joe isn’t old enough to be watching baby DVDs, but he loves to listen to baby music through iTunes.  You can use the iLatch to hold the iPad in an easily accessible spot while flying, keeping your hands free while holding a squirmy little one on the plane 🙂  Once Joe is a bit older, we can use it to hold an iPad while playing a DVD on those long, 24+ hrs travel excursions back to the US.

If you’re interested in helping fund Laura’s project, then head over to Kickstarter or to the link on her blog.  You can make a donation as low as US$1.00, or you can place a pre-order for US$25.00.  Laura is able to mail the iLatch to New Zealand {though you might want to throw in a bit extra for shipping costs}.  Funding for the project closes on the 26th of September in the States.  Even if you don’t own an iPad, it’s still great to help support a fellow mom and woman who is coming up with creative solutions.  If you like the idea of supporting Laura, please check out her project.  Every little bit helps!

*Please note – I’m not posting this in support of using TV as a babysitter for children.  Parent-child interactions are incredibly important and I think that overuse of TV and movies can discourage that.  Joe is 3 months old and hasn’t watched baby DVDs yet, but he loves to listen to music on iTunes.  Once Joe is a bit older, I think that it will be fine for him to watch a DVD on occasion, such as when we are traveling for 24 hours and he’s unable to run around or doesn’t have access to his usual toys 🙂

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by Everyday Gameplan. I love the idea of that iPad holder.:) Someone was thinking ahead.:) I’m thinking soon about doing a series of activities that I did with my daughter before she turned one.:) Most of them were after she was sitting up though.:)

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