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Interview in New Zealand

The title of this post pretty much gives it away – Chris has a job interview in New Zealand! He got the exciting news last night, offering to fly him out all expenses paid. Awesome! Unfortunately, he doesn’t need an assistant, or else you’d better believe I’d be going with him!

The interview is with a major research university that has a Philosophy Department ranked a few places higher than Chris’ graduating institution. The fact that they are considering him is an honor – usually, you only get interviews with lower-ranked institutions for the first several years after you graduate. Chris is totally excited about it and I’m really happy for him 🙂 I’m trying not to think of all the details involved with actually moving to New Zealand, because that possibility is still a long ways off!

He’s planning to fly out during his university’s Spring Break, which is great since he won’t have to cancel class. Wow – New Zealand!
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6 thoughts on “Interview in New Zealand

  1. Wow, that is awesome! I would love to move to New Zealand! It is so beautiful!!! I’m crossing my fingers for ya’ll!

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