It’s Amazing that I’m Not Bald

I remember reading something in the distant pre-pregnancy past regarding hair loss, specifically that the average person loses between 100 – 150 hairs per day, but that this slows during pregnancy.  I like to think it was my body’s way of making up for the fact that I looked like crud thanks to frequent vomiting, sleepless nights, and the giant beach-ball shape that my midsection resembled.  I could put up with all of that because, hey, at least my hair looked good, right?

Fast-forward to about 4 months postpartum.  Suddenly, the dust bunnies in our house had turned into feral, hairy were-rabbits.  Tumbleweeds of hair would go rolling across the wood floor, and I’d freak out.

Hair in the kitchen sink?  Of course.

Hair in the bathtub?  As if you had to ask!

Clumps of hair in my baby’s hand?  Absolutely – and no, that wasn’t because he’d woven his little fingers into my mane and given a good pull.  These were strands that he’d picked up from the floor.

Poor Chris.  He’d sit next to me, hug me, or simply walk through the door to our apartment and my hair was all over him.  Not the most professional look for a college professor.

I’d do the laundry and start to hang clothes, only to pull off hair after hair after hair.

It was getting ridiculous.

Then, I ran across an article that reminded me about postpartum hair loss.  Right around 3 – 4 months post-pregnancy, your hair loss kicks it up a notch to 500 strands a day.  Good grief – no wonder there were were-rabbits scampering across our floors!

It’ll taper down eventually and I’ll return to the standard 100 – 150 strands a day {unless Joe gets particularly grabby, in which case I might develop bald patches}.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep chasing hair tumbleweeds with the vacuum cleaner.  And invest in a bigger lint roller.

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7 thoughts on “It’s Amazing that I’m Not Bald

  1. Oh girl this happened about 2 months pp with Ryder and I was really freaked out! My husband was too haha! I never had bald spots or anything, I just saw so much hair everywhere. I started back to work and would see blonde piles under my desk! It was awful. And then it got worse. I got baby bangs. But finally my hair did get thick again. I talked to my hairdresser recently and she said there’s really no rhyme or reason when it comes out. Could be hormonal change and each pregnancy could be different. Here’s to hoping I don’t lose it this time around!


  2. Holy crap, I’m going through this too! It JUST started. I find my hair in Brynn’s hands ALL THE TIME. And the other day, I actually created a little pile of it in the shower so I could throw it away rather than let it slip down the drain. Pulling hair out of the drain is sicker than anything my baby shoots out of her body.

  3. My hair loss didn’t hit until about 6 months postpartum after the twins for some reason. And my hair was so thick I could barely do a pony tail. I was GLAD when it all started falling out!

  4. Thank God you shared that! I had no idea it was so bad at this stage, and I was thinking it was just me! Dear heavens, I’m glad I have a lot of hair. It’s incredibly good at falling out these days. I routinely find it in Ella’s diaper, when I bend over her and change her, it literally falls out into her little dipe! Sigh.

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