It’s the coffee life for me…

Here I am at work. You are probably wondering two things: why I am blogging if I’m at work and where I work. Well, I’m blogging because they’re no customers right now, and I have already finished my chores, as it were. As for where I work, I work at Euro Cafe II (where I am right now) and Euro Coffee House. Typically, my love for coffee costs me money, especially when I splurge for the good stuff. Now, after so many years, my love for coffee is finally making me some money. (This recent shift has of course pleased Jenny. Now if only her love for diamonds would take a similar shift!)

Although it isn’t busy now (as is often the case at this location), we were very busy this morning. What made things really interesting, though, is that the espresso machine felt underappreciated and decided to voice its disapproval by dripping water all over the counter. When it decided I still wasn’t giving it sufficient appreciation, it decided to pour water on the floor too. Finally, I smoothed things over and it seems happy–for now at least.

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