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Yesterday, Chris got a call, inviting him to interview for an assistant professor position at a university in Pennsylvania. The interview is set for this coming Saturday at 11am at one of the big conferences that take place each year for Chris’ line of work. It’s pretty common for schools to do the interviews at these conferences – they only have to pay for 2-3 of their faculty members to fly out, and all of the interviewees have to pay their own way. Makes good financial sense for a school, and most interviewees, if they’re any good, are already attending the conference anyway.

Chris had already made arrangements to attend the conference, so having the interview is a bonus. I’m very excited for him, but I’m also working hard not to get my hopes up, even a little bit. It’s too depressing to get excited, only to have your hopes dashed when he gets a call a few weeks later telling him, “thanks, but no thanks” (if he even gets a call – sometimes its an email or nothing!). You may be thinking, “Good grief, cheer up girl! He’s got an interview! Be happy!” And I am happy, but I’m also being realistic. One of the jobs that Chris applied to this year had over 600 applications.

600 applications
. Imagine competing against that. You’re lucky if your application even gets seen, let alone chosen as one of the people to be called, let alone chosen as one of the people to make it through the 1st set of interviews. I’ve gotten excited too many times in the past, only to have Chris be turned down after the phone interview, or after the 1st set of interviews, or after the fly-out to the university. It gets to be a bit of a strain on your emotions! I’m just going to try to remain positive, be happy, but also try not to think about it too much. I will be sure to let you, my lovely readers, know how things turn out 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Job Interview

  1. I hear you. I am contemplating the PhD thing- I would love to teach. I have to accept my acceptance by September. But in finishing the masters, I have talked to a lot of PhD candidates and recent grads and the job prospects are so dismal. Even if you are willing to go anywhere and teach anything (not your specialty). 600 people. It is ridiculous. Good luck to your husband. I am sure he will do great.

  2. more good luck wishes! i could not even imagine the pressure you’d feel if you were up against 600 people!! but making the first cut is a great sign!

  3. Please tell him good luck! And I totally understand that you don’t want to get your hopes up. I really hope it works out!!!

  4. I know exactly how you feel. My fiancee is trying to become a fulltime fireman in Indy. Every year he has to start the process over again. Apply to all the departments, then take the written test and hope to get in their top 120 list out of 400. Then take a the physical test and wait to hear about when interviews start. Go through the interview process just to be put on a list of “possible” hires for that year. He was #7 2 years ago for Fishers and then they didn’t hire anyone. Good Luck.

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