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Kiwi Bairn Nursing Cover

Just a quick little blurb about my nursing cover:

Whimsy Nursing Cover

I know that some people hate nursing covers.  I never use mine unless I’m out and about, and even then, if I can find a private place to feed Joe without having to use the cover, then that’s what I prefer.

However, there are times when using a nursing cover is just more comfortable for me.  I love the one that I have.  It’s made by Kiwi Bairn, a home-based business out of Wellington, New Zealand.  I love the bright colors of the design.  My nursing cover has functioned as a baby blanket, spit-up cloth, and as a {temporary} rain shield.  It’s been washed multiple times, crumpled into a ball and shoved into the nappy bag, and still looks great.  If you’re looking for a cute nursing cover, check out Kiwi Bairn.

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