Knock, Knock… We’re Home!

Welcome to our {entirely unfurnished and as yet unlived in} New Zealand apartment!

Sorry, no addresses listed!  I’d rather not have any unexpected visitors 🙂

This is the view from the second bedroom into the main hallway/entryway.  Excuse the bad photo quality – I was in a hurry!

This is the kitchen/dining area.  The table came with the apartment, which was perfect {we didn’t bring our table overseas}.  The washer and dryer are in the closet to the right, just next to the fridge/freezer unit.

This is the ensuite master bath.  Our closet is on the left, and the door into the master bedroom is on the right.

Looking out of the kitchen french doors into the hallway and across to the second bathroom.

Looking into the second bathroom.

The second bedroom.  The rooms look very dark {this is partly because it was such a gray, rainy day!}, but I promise that they don’t look this way in real life.  The walls are cream, with one navy blue wall.

Looking out of the second bedroom.  There are 2 closets in this room, which makes me happy. Many of the apartments we looked at weren’t big on storage space, but this place has plenty.

Looking into the master bedroom.  The bedrooms look smaller than they actually are.  Once you’re in the rooms, they open up to the sides and have more space.

So there you have it – our 2 bathroom, 2 bedroom apartment in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand.  We move in on Monday, and our couches {including sofa-bed} arrive on Tuesday.  We’ll use an air mattress Monday night, and the rest of our stuff should arrive by June 22nd… I hope!

Oh, and we have cell phones!  I feel more like a New Zealander with each passing day – bank account, cell phones, apartment, library card, furniture, movie rental card… we’re definitely becoming integrated.  The main things that we have left to do is to get my IRD number {tax ID number in New Zealand}, my NZ driver’s license, and to buy a car.

I’m looking forward to finally being in our own place and being able to decorate, knowing that we’ll be there for more than a year.  Yes, I am happy 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Knock, Knock… We’re Home!

  1. SUCH a Kiwi kitchen–LOVE it!! I’m pretty jealous that you’re there right now, even if it is a NZ winter. 🙂 Excited to see more pictures!!

  2. Love it! the place is perfect for you guys 🙂 it looks so nice and modern and spacious for something right in the heart of downtown Aucks.

  3. I am so jealous!!! First off…penthouse YAY!!! I love the fabulous colors on the exterior of the building and love the clean modern design!!! I can’t wait to see photos of everything once you are done decorating. You’ll post photos right? XOXO

  4. Your apartment looks great and I must say how awesome it is that things are coming together for you guys. Its so much fun to read your blog, almost makes me feel like I’m the one moving, only almost though.

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