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This is a common sight around our house:

I generally line-dry all of our clothes and the cloth nappies.  Electricity, like many things in NZ, isn’t cheap.  We don’t have a back garden {back yard} or patio, so I hang things up indoors.  I try to do the laundry in the evenings.  That way, I can hang up the clothes, they dry overnight, and I take them down in the morning.

The frugal side of me loves that line-drying doesn’t cost a thing.

The organizational side of me hates all the clutter that line-drying creates.


Still, line-drying is just one of the many ways that I can cut back on expenses.  And cutting back on expenses means that there’s more money in the bank.  And more money in the bank means that I can stay home with Joe and not worry about having to go back to work right away.  I prefer that to all the clutter in the world.

So, it’s the line-drying life for us.  Although I shudder to think what Joe will make of this once he starts crawling!

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5 thoughts on “Laundry

  1. Ha, you are not alone! I have the same set-up going here. And once it’s dry I tend to just leave piles around. Pile for socks, pile for work cardigans, pile for skirts… it’s getting ridiculous! You sound a lot more organised 🙂

  2. Hmmm … do they dry overnight? I swear it always takes 2 days AT LEAST for my clothes to dry on the line inside which pretty much means I have to use the dryer because I would lose my mind with clothes everywhere for 2 days! 🙂

  3. Wow, I have to say that even though you say it’s clutter, it’s the most organized drying I have seen!

    Even with a dryer here, I tend to always hang my clothes to dry because I am not a fan of shrinkage ha! (especially considering right now in my big as a house pregnancy state lol).

    It seems like NZ is very green, which is really cool. We are trying to be more Green, and are recycling, and have switched to some organic foods.


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